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Kornerstone Devices is a leading medical devices innovation and development company based in Chennai, India. The company was born out of a passion to bring cutting edge innovative products and solutions to support the global medical fraternity which in turn enables affordable, accessible and timely health solutions for people. The company was incorporated in 2017 and incubated at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Incubation Cell (IIT-Madras) and received SEED funding from Bio-Technology Industrial Research Assistance Council of Government of India (BIRAC). Since then, Kornerstone has steadily grown into a full fledged innovative medical devices company.

Our two key strengths are robust design & development processes and our people, some of the best innovative minds who have a shared vision of the leadership and the company.

With over 33 years work experience, Dr. Roy has performed over 4,500 high risk, complex biopsies, among other Procedures. Founder-member of Indian Academy of CT Guided Intervention and the Founder-President of the society of interventional Onco-radiology (SIO) of India. He is also the Chairman Asian Society of Tumour Ablation. Currently, Dr. Roy is a professor of Radiology at Sri Ramachandra Medical College and a director at Santosham Chest Hospital.

An entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in the Medical Devices Industry for sales, marketing, services, support & production of devices from Foreign & Indian manufacturers, Shanthakumar has built enormous experience in this field. He handles the day to day operations of Kornerstone Devices besides Sales, Distribution & Marketing alongside that.

Kornerstone’s Journey

According to ICMR & NCDIR, cancer cases in India are likely to increase to 1.56 million by 2025. EARLY DIAGNOSIS INCREASES TREATMENT SUCCESS Very few clinicians can access early-stage targets since it requires high levels of skill & experience. Most needle insertions are done blind through trial & error, entails high risk, multiple insertions, manipulation, risk of nicking vital organs. This results in extended procedure time, increased radiation, pain, complications, sub-optimal treatment and even death.

HigHNooN - CT Guided Needle Navigation System

  • Guides the clinician to confidently, accurately insert the needle with multiple check points
  • Identifies & corrects patient movement
  • Does not interrupt the workflow or "feel" of free hand method
  • No extra procedure time - optimal use of CT time
  • Easy to use, easy to learn - more potential intervention
  • Over 100,000 CT's worldwide & 5000 in India - Very few have Guidance Systems for Intervention
  • Our goal is to disrupt the Onco-Radiology segment, empowering radiologists to practice intervention & make a tremendous impact in early diagnosis & treatment of cancer

New products in HigHNooN Family: Breast Biopsy & Neuro-Surgery

Other new products are under development to support/enable the sonologists in their work flow.

COVID Products

In the normal world, people use handles or knobs to open and close the tap while washing hands. When the tap is opened, there are chances that bacteria/virus is left on the knob and When the tap is closed, it’s very likely that some of the virus on the knob of tap gets back on to the hands.

SenTap solves this problem

Applications and Potential: SenTap technology can be a retrofit for existing taps and at the same time be used in designing new taps. SenTap technology is a necessity to homes, offices, hotels, hospitals.

SenTap is patent protected


In a busy ward where doctors are handling infectious diseases, cross contamination is a key concern. What if the clinician has a portable solution to wash after every examination! So also in high risk, high footfall areas like hotels, convention centers, offices which currently do not have sufficient wash stations

MobiWash is a portable sink that can walk with you

MobiWash is ideally suited for Healthcare, Geriatric, Paediatric and any type of clinician oriented environment right from small clinics to Infectious Disease Wards. MobiWash is an ideal solution for a hygienic hand wash where there are no wash stations.

MobiWash is patent protected


One of the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare community during the COVID 19 pandemic is the requirement to create an effective barrier between the healthcare personnel and the patient. One of the methods used is a face visor to protect the eyes, nose & mouth from ingress by the virus. However, this has not proven to be effective enough and hence a better option was an immediate need.

The Corona Virus is negatively charged. Our design of the e-Visor keeps the surface negatively charged

Hence, when the virus gets in contact with the visor or the linen designed by us, the virus will be automatically repelled from the surface of the material and eliminates contamination

The e-Visor applications is just not limited to visors only, but also linen and other textiles used in ICU, or other Covid-19 treatment centres

e-Visor is patent protected


During the Covid19 pandemic, sonologists had to wear bulky and uncomfortable PPE kits to protect themselves from infection while performing ultrasound scans.

UltraScreen creates an effective barrier between the sonologist and the patient in order to prevent cross contamination. It provides comfortable access to the patient while still ensuring an effective barrier with full access & visibility.

UltraScreen can be used in conjunction with all models and types of ultrasound units and can be adapted to various room sizes. It can also be customized for other diagnostic and therapeutic procedure where an effective barrier is required along with comfortable access and full visibility.

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